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We have a new Greenwing macaw named Lalo residing in Andy's Pet Shop. 

Lalo is a plucker. His recent vet check indicated a need for an improved diet and daily misting so he can work through some minor health issues, including irritated sinus/mouth/ears from lack of bathing and some mild dermatitis.  The vet also said due to his lack of complete feathering he needs to stay warm and not be subjected to temperature fluctuations.  

Lissa, who owns the Pet Shop, advised that the store heat reduces at night and that she is concerned he might become chilled.  Does anyone have a large thermo perch or two they would be willing to donate OR loan to Lalo while he is there? It is possible Lissa sells them in the store so if someone was willing to purchase them for Lalo, she can install them. I'd also like some type of heavy cage cover as well but his cage is 64" wide with a dome top and will be hard to cover without someone making something special.  If you have several heavy bedspreads that could also be donated to help keep him warm, I would be very happy to know he is not shivering in the dark.

The store has a large glass front which may also affect the inside temperature so with the cold weather, we need to help Lalo immediately.

My only other option would be to move him to a home setting and unless someone offers, I have no openings.

If anyone can help please let me know.  You can contact Lissa at (408) 297-0840 or take items to 1280 The Alameda, San Jose.

Lalo and I will both sleep better knowing he is warm.   Thanks.

Macaw Coordinator

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