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News and Announcements
{style} img.rendericon { display: none; } {style} A Mickaboo Volunteer in the making: The photo to the left is of Adhiraj, a second grader in the South Bay. His school had a yearly themed contest and this year the contest was "How I Can Make a Difference." Adhiraj decided to make a poster depicting the Mickaboo slogan "Don't breed, don't buy... adopt a rescued bird!". Great work Adhiraj! Mickaboo Ornaments: Do you need something to fill those stockings at holiday time?…

Volunteer Spotlight
by Shauna Hill It is with very mixed emotions that we announce that Dr. Bridgett Ferguson, an avian certified veterinarian, who has been working with Mickaboo for over 10 years has left Holly Street Pet Hospital to pursue a wonderful opportunity in Washington with Avian Exotics in Wallhoo,WA.   Our Director, Tammy Amarzo, reflected on Dr.Ferguson's time with Mickaboo: "The thing that sticks out in my mind is her absolute undying devotion to helping whenever and I mean whenever!…

Bird Of The Month
{style} img.rendericon { display: none; } {style} by Brian Greger My wife and I adopted Pepe, the 51 year old blind Military Macaw, on July 27, 2007 from Mickaboo. Prior to Pepe being rescued by Mickaboo, Pepe had led a less than ideal parrot life. Pepe had been blind for ~20 years; he had lived in a very small cage with a blanket over it, and he had been fed a mostly peanut diet. Ken and Diana Sena rescued Pepe, and they quickly got Pepe on the right path with lots of care and good nutrition.…

Tip Of The Day
Avocado and chocolate are toxic to birds. NEVER feed your bird these foods.
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{style} img.rendericon { display: none; } {style} Thanks to all of the supporters of Mickaboo, our summer fundraiser was a wonderful success, bringing in nearly $9,400.   Although we received another $55,000 in donations and adoption fees thus far in 2007, our corresponding vet bills of $82,000 means that we continue to run at a deficit.  Unfortunately this means we still cannot take in all the birds that need homes; therefore,…

Ask The Expert
{style} img.rendericon { display: none; } {style} This Months Expert: Louisa Jaskulski, RVT Question:  During the holiday season what are some of the main sources of hazards to our avian companions and how can we eliminate or minimize these hazards? Response: Stress:  Our birds are very empathic, and will absorb and reflect the emotions of the household.  If we are tired, upset, worried, unusually happy and energetic, or distracted, our birds may react by screaming or biting, or trying to hide.…
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Bird Recipe
Curried Sweet Potatoes