Bird Toon of the Day - April 26, 2015

John Deering's "Strange Brew" is another of those one-panel satirical looks at things we all take for granted, cliches, and the like.  He often turns to birds (his favorites being owls and parrots, the latter usually playing off the stereotypical pirate association) as his subjects.

Here is his October 12, 2011 cartoon:

Bird Toon of the Day - April 24, 2015

Dave Coverly's "Speed Bump" is one of my daily must-reads.  He frequently turns to bird-themed gags for his toons so I have a lot of these archived.

Given my professional career as a radio programming consultant, this one from December 7, 2009 is a personal favorite.

Bird Toon of the Day - April 23, 2015

A good portion of the content at the site is captioned pictures, with one whole area devoted to "Animal Capshunz".  I've collected several dozen images from there and will post one every few days as a break from the usual cartoon style.

This appeared at Cheezburger April 21, 2013.


Bird Toon of the Day - April 22, 2015

This is the new blog "Bird Toon of the Day". For our first entry, a Mickaboo favorite ... Bizarro from October 6, 2013.  Dan Piraro, who is a supporter of animal rights organizations in general, autographed a print of this cartoon for our Holiday Auction later that same year.

I will (hopefully) be uploading a new toon every day.  I have the library of toons which were part of the humor section of the old site, plus ones I had collected since that area had last been updated a year ago. 

I have tried to get the best copy of each toon so you will see variations in size, sharpness, and color vs. b&w from day to day, depending on what I have found.  (The older a toon is, the more difficult to find color versions or larger sized/higher resolution versions.)


GlobalGiving matching event - final update, 2:54 pm PT

LouieThe GlobalGiving matching gift funds are now GONE!  Thanks to the generosity of 75 of you, Mickaboo managed to raise $16,626 (inclusive of matching funds) - more than our $15K fundraising goal, allowing us to help heal many many birds (about 80 vet appointments for garden-variety issues, or 3 treatments for more severe matters, like Louie's surgery).

Thank you all again for helping our many birds!

GlobalGiving matching event - update, 2:10 pm PT

Our current total is $16,138, exceeding our $15,000 fundraising goal! Yippee! Your generosity during this GlobalGiving matching event makes your gift go further than usual and helps Mickaboo build a solid foundation as we continue into the new year.

Want to get your share of the matching funds?  Hurry while there's still time - there's only $2K left of the original $60K in matching funds!  Head to this online giving page fast!

GlobalGiving matching event - update, 7:40 am PT

There's $32K in matching funds still left!  Let's use it up for the birds!Youngest Donor

Your generosity so far has resulted in a total in donations and matching gifts of $5.8K - about 40% of the way toward our $15K fundraising goal. Consider joining the many Mickaboo supporters who have helped our birds with their vet bills – including this young one.  It'll take a few minutes to give here.

Our many foster birds and the volunteers who care for them Thank You!

Matching Gift Event - On NOW!

LouieThanks to your continued support, Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue has been able to continue our work of rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing companion birds.  So far this year, we have accepted and adopted out approximately 40 birds in total, while caring for a flock of ~450. (See photos and read stories about many of our birds here.)

YOUR help and that of our many dedicated volunteers are what make the Mickaboo miracle happen. Your donation today to keep the miracle going can go further – a matching gift event is underway today (March 18), 6 am - 9 pm PT. GlobalGiving will match your online donations at 30%, up to $1,000 per donor per project, until GlobalGiving's $60,000 in matching funds runs out.  Give early to help ensure YOU get the match!

Your donations help birds like Louie, a 15-year-old female blue-fronted amazon. Louie was surrendered to Mickaboo when her guardian could no longer afford Louie’s medical needs. Louie appeared to be having great difficulty breathing, so she was immediately hospitalized and put on oxygen while veterinarians assessed her condition. 

The first set of x-rays suggested something was blocking half of Louie’s airflow at the base of her pharynx. More x-rays over a two-week period showed large finger-like growths in the esophagus interfering with Louie’s food intake. Louie’s frantic stretching and head movements were how she had been moving food down her esophagus. Biopsies showed the growths resulted from inflammation (rather than cancer or an infection), possibly due to a vitamin A deficiency. Louie was given a vitamin A injection and other medications; her movements have become far less frantic. Follow-up care will be needed over the next several months.

Louie is now in a Mickaboo foster home where she is talking, laughing, and eating well. She says ‘hello’ and other words in a cute woman’s voice when she thinks no one is listening.

Louie’s vet bills have exceeded $5000 so far. The improvement in Louie's quality of life - priceless! Please consider taking advantage of today's matching gift opportunity to help Louie and our other birds heal and find permanent, loving homes.

Quita Memorial Challenge Grant - Final Update

QuitaThe final total is $29,817, essentially matching our $30,000 end-of-year fundraising goal!  THANK YOU for your collective generosity!  The funds will go a long way toward meeting the medical needs of our foster flock (depending on how needy our birds are, of course - we've spent $40K on one month's bills in the not-too-distant past).

Mystic Macaw sculptureThe donor with the mostest is Rhonda Bennon!  She will receive the macaw head sculpture created by Scott Shipley, who happens to be one of our very dedicated volunteers.

Want to jumpstart your New Year with a gift? Here are the ways: 

  • by sending a  check or money order to: Mickaboo, P.O. Box 697, San Jose,  CA 95106-0697
  • online, with a credit card through Network for Good
  • online via Mickaboo's website ( - use either of the two "donate" buttons in the left margin

ALL gifts of any size are welcome and are fully tax-deductible (in 2015)!  Monthly giving is also VERY appreciated, as this provides a way for us to plan our cash flow (and avoid emergency funding calls!).

Today's results include final totals for both online giving and checks we have received through the mail.