Bird ID: 7398
Species: African Grey
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Congo
Adopted on 2022-07-04
Hi, I'm Pearl and I'm a sweet and healthy 24-year-old joy to be around. I like to talk (a lot) about my two favorite daily events: breakfast and night-night time! I'm on a healthy diet and I enjoy eating broccoli and sweet potato every day, especially if you feed me from your fingers or a spoon. I usually enjoy my showers and I'm especially happy afterwards when I can primp and preen and redo my makeup. I love demolishing paper bags, cardboard, and cereal boxes. When it's bedtime, I like to have my cage covered. But please don't rush me because I've developed a routine that rivals those of human children. I hang upside down from my cage bars and I make sure I touch each. . ..of. . .. my. . .. toys and ring my bells one. . .. by. . After I flail around a bit and entertain you by acting crazy, I'm ready for a good and well-deserved night's sleep. Hit up my African grey coordinator if you'd like to spend the rest of my life together.