Bird ID: 7222
Species: Lovebird
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Peach Faced
Adopted on 2022-03-30
Well hello I am Izzy! I am a crazy, energetic ,hormonal little girl. I would make a great single bird for someone who wants to give me lots of attention! I can say jingle and make all sorts of sounds oh and I call the birds from outside!!! Cool right? Well till they fly into a window then that`s not good...right now I am receiving a 3 part dose of hormones to see if that stops my egg laying and hormone issues and my foster mom is trying to teach me to step up and eat veggies. So far I have at least tried them! I love to throw toys and chase balls all around my cage but be careful putting your hands in it cause I love to go after them! I am full of spunk and personality! If I sound like a bird for you, let the coordinator know by clicking the link above! Tweet chirp chortle...Izzy