Tansy and Sage

Bird ID: 6946
Species: Lovebird
Sex: Male-Female Bonded Pair
Sub-Species: Peach Faced
Health Status: Illness
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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Hi we are Tansy and Sage! Not much is known about us except we were kept in a very small cage for all our lives, we are about 13 years old and are not really hand tame. Hopefully our new foster can help us be not so scared.

We are loving our new large cage though and lots of good healthy food!!! Already we are showing interest and not being flighty of our foster mom, so yay it is a good start! We also re going to try to find out why I (Tansy) am plucking. Hopefully the healthy food and larger cage will help rectify any issues. Either way we will update more on us when we know more!

If you are interested in two very cute lovies, Us! Please contact team lovie in above links! Tweet tweet! Tansy and Sage