Angel W

Bird ID: 5675
Species: Cockatoo
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Goffins
Adopted on 2021-10-28
Hello I`m the new girl in town. My name is Angel. I`m about 35 years old and lived with my dad since I was a baby. Sadly he recently passed away. Angel is very sweet but has hormonal issues. She receives hormonal implants every other month as well as shot of Lupron as needed. The hormones are imperative to her well being. An experienced avian vet will be needed to check on her regularly.

Update from Angel`s foster mom- What can I say about Angel except that she lives up to her name! Angel is 100% Goffin cockatoo. She is happiest when she is sitting on top of her cage in the company of her human family. She exhibits no fear around our 2 Rottweilers and Pekinese and is very well socialized. Although she is still on a mixed seed diet she loves mangos and bananas. I am working on expanding her diet and converting her to Nutran-cakes at the moment. At one point in her life she was a fully flighted bird and at times still thinks she can fly and will try to do so if startled, so great care must be taken to ensure she does not hurt herself. This little sweetheart deserves to live out her golden years in style. If you would like to meet Angel please go to the "How to adopt" link and fill out an application