Bird ID: 5574
Species: Conure
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Green Cheek
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: No
Currently in Foster Care
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Hey everyone! I`m Juno, and here`s a little bit about me.

I joined Mickaboo back in 2015 with my friend after our mom couldn`t take us with they moved. We were lucky, and got adopted by a loving family, but after a few years we had to be returned to Mickaboo. Even though we were great birds, our new family simply couldn`t afford to keep us well stocked with all the toys and food we would need.

After we got to Mickaboo, my friend and I had to be separated due to an illness, and after that we decided we didn`t really want to be friends any more. Now I`m flying solo, and looking for a forever home!

I`m not a big fan of hands (I`ll step up for a stick, though!), but I do love to shoulder surf around on every member of the family. I love nibbling on moles and freckles, although my foster mom doesn`t seem to like that much. I`m a big chatterbox, and while I haven`t said any words, I`ve got a language all my own. My diet is good, and I eat my veggies when asked, but my favorite treats are a little bit of almond.

I love shredding cardboard tubes, and I`m a real chewer. I also, like so many conures, love my bells! Anyone who adopted me would get a real work out keeping out with how many toys I want.

If you think you might be able to provide a forever home for me, please reach out to the conure coordinator, and if you`re looking for more information, maybe check out my video from the Mickaboo Virtual Adoption Fair to see me in action!