Bird ID: 4940
Species: Cockatoo
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Sulphur Crest - Greater
Died on 2022-02-27
Update - Jackie needs close supervision and care from a person familiar with hormonal cockatoo behavior as well as frequent medical care from an experienced avian vet to treat her condition.

I am a very sweet-natured, 36 year old "special needs," sulphur-crested cockatoo named Jackie. I`ve had a cloacal prolapse so I`ll need a good diet without warm food (too much like regurgitation from a mate), 12-14 hours of dark, quiet, uninterrupted sleep at night, and you need to be extra vigilant about petting only my head and no cuddling -- I don`t want to think you are my mate!.

I like to sleep on a nice comfy rope perch. In my former life, I lived in an old dirty cage that was outside year-round and exposed to the elements. I only had a concrete perch and it made my feet sore.

Can you make my midlife and golden years the best years of my life? If so, please go to "how to adopt" on the website and fill out an application.