Maddox aka Maddi (bonded w/Attica)

Bird ID: B2012011
Species: Lovebird
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Dutch Blue
Health Status: Special Needs
Good with Kids: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Adoption Status: Foster on 2020-03-07

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Hi, my name is Maddox and I`m just lucky to be here talking to you today! I was found in a strip mall parking lot where there was a big, mean black bird attacking me! Thank the stars that a nice woman found me and got me away from that big bully. After taking me home she looked up Mickaboo`s phone number and called them (she had a friend at work who did volunteer work at Mickaboo so she knew about them). Fortunately Mickaboo had a slot open for me so they first took me to the doctor to make sure I was ok (I was pretty shook up after that attack)and then a nice lady took me home and is taking care of until someone adopts me into their forever home. I gotta tell ya that it`s pretty weird going from the mean streets to the lap of luxury living with my foster mom. She gives me all kinds of good foods, fun toys and a nice big cage to live in. Now I`m living on Easy Street and loving it each day! This home is really hoppin` too - with my foster mom, two kids, four dogs and six other birds to keep me company. I just sit up on my swing, high in my cage, and sing right along with all of those noises that everybody makes! I really wanna find a forever home to go to though. Somewhere that they`ll treat me like my foster mom does but also where I can be the top bird in the house. I`m not completely tame but I don`t bite my foster mom when she gives me medicine so I don`t think it would take much for me to be shoulder surfing on my human friend chirping my life away. Tell the Adoption Coordinator (above) that you want to adopt -Maddox- and I won`t let you down! UPDATE 1/6/20 We do not know for sure if Maddy is a boy or a girl. Also Maddox has been placed with Attica and the two have become friends. We should know soon if they have bonded or will remain friends only and can be separated. 1/8/2020 - I am told Maddy and Atti have bonded and are a pair.