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From the Streets of San Francisco - Peter! Or, The Joys of Living with a Special Needs Bird

By Kara Schwee and Ailsa Barrett

Peter got his start as a movie star.

Well, okay, not a movie star per se, but his flock was featured in a popular documentary released across the nation the same year Peter was born. Once he left his nest high above the vogue commerce of San Francisco, Peter spent the first few weeks of his fascinating life soaring through the salty air with the other red-masked birds in his flock.   View PDF in new window

Featured Volunteer: Melissa Lovett

By Shauna Hill

Sometimes a seed takes time to take root and grow after being planted - but when it does, it sprouts into something very strong and vibrant. That’s similar to how our latest featured volunteer’s role came to grow within Mickaboo.   View PDF in new window

A Special Thanks to a Very Special Donor

By Mark Mehling

Let’s take a trip in time. Back to when you were 11 years old. Close your eyes and think of what you were doing. Very few of us were able to look outside ourselves. It was selfish, sure, but part of growing up, I guess. Once I matured, I realized how what I do impacts everyone and everything around me. View PDF in a new window

Thank You to Our Holiday Party Donors!

By Pamela Lee

The Board of Directors, volunteers, and our over 300 foster birds thank you for your support of our annual holiday fundraiser! Whether you gave a little or a lot, your kindness helps to ensure our rescue birds receive the care they need before they go to their "forever" homes.   Your commitment to the birds at Mickaboo is very much appreciated!   View PDF in a new window

Snow's Story

By Guest Writer, Elizabeth Young, Founder and Executive Director of MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue

Rescues get lots of E-mails like this one I received about Snow.

Good morning. I got your email address from Jane and am contacting you because I rescued what I think may be a King Pigeon. I was wondering if you had room to take in one more bird? I do not have the knowledge or the facilities to nurse it back to health but when I saw it standing in the middle of the street and realized it couldn’t fly, I knew I had to try to save it.   View PDF in a new window

For the Love of Birds

By Eva-Lynne Carlson

I was always what you might call a ‘cat’ person. As a kid, I always had my eye on some stray cat that I’d bring home and try to hide in the basement so my mom wouldn’t know I had a new member of my family.   View PDF in a new window

Three is Definitely Not a Crowd

By Valentine Lewis and Aron Walker


Aron was like many bird owners who loved having birds while growing up (parakeets, in fact).  She now had one cockatiel, Charlie, which she had purchased from a breeder when the bird was only 2 months old. With the upcoming birth of her child Aron was concerned that she would not be able to give the time that Charlie had grown accustomed to.

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Innovative Ways to Help Mickaboo

By Pamela Lee

1Want to help Mickaboo financially – and lacking the ready cash to do so?  Some corporate partners donate a portion of their profits with Mickaboo if our supporters use certain programs. Read on for details on these programs, and how you can join them.

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Bird of the Month

By The Editor

 I came in as a stray at the county shelter as a very sick little bird. Someone called up Mickaboo and off to the vet I went. I had a pretty rough road at first but now I am doing great! One thing is for sure is that I am a good eater and I love to shred and chew up my toys, so much fun! More to come as I settle in.    Read More.......