Bird Toon of the Day - January 28, 2016

Another Cheezburger recaption. I have a ton of these in the archives and anticipate plenty of gaps between "dated" toons in the future, so you'll probably see one of these every two or three days from here on.  Today's carries the old "husband can't figure out how to get there" axiom to an avian perspective.

Bird Toon of the Day - January 27, 2016

Bizarro from three years ago today (January 27, 2013).  This toon sparked quite a discussion among the Mickaboo volunteers when it first was published ... the consensus is that Polly does have blood on her beak and it's presumed that the meaning of "went too far" is a bit gruesome.

Bird Toon of the Day - January 23, 2016

Pearls Before Swine from one year ago today (January 23, 2015).  For those unfamiliar with the strip, Rat is always doing the wrong thing just to achieve a positive result for him -- and only him -- personally.

Note: From here on out, I'm going to try to match up the publication dates with the current calendar, with fill-ins where I have no matches in the archives.  It's easier for me this way.