Yogi (& Baby)

Bird ID: 7153
Species: Conure
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Jenday
Adopted on 2022-02-21
Edit: We have a pending adoption, and soon we`ll be off to our forever home! If you`re interested in birds like us, please reach out to the Conure Coordinator - we have another pair like us coming in right now!

Yogi`s the loud one (not a good fit for an apartment), and Baby loves to try and copy him. We`re around six years old, and being converted to a pelleted diet. Of the two of us, Baby is more adventurous, while Yogi is a bit more shy. Both of us are tame, but Yogi is especially slow to trust, and needs time to get used to a new person.

If you`re interested, please reach out and let the conure coordinator know!